StoreFront Flowers



It has been a long standing vision of ours to open a storefront in a small community like Shepherdstown, WV.  We couldn’t be happier to have found a home where we can truly be the town’s “go-to” florist.  Prior to opening this store we were only able to service  special events, but now we can continue developing regular everyday offerings.  It is genuinely inspiring to be able to share our passion for flowers with the community.

We’ve been open now for only about 2 months and already feeling a strong connection with our growing customer base.  We have managed to be  booked solid since the day we first opened and have seen the shop fill with people day after day, truly engaging in the work we do.  It is so rewarding to have this opportunity where we can meet face to face with our patrons and instantly inspire them to see floral design just a little differently than they did before walking in.


Naturally, having a retail storefront is an entirely new dynamic to manage in the mix of our established events schedule, but we are thrilled by the new challenges and meeting them head on each and every day.  Not only does our undying love of flowers get us through the day, but more so, the support and encouragement of all our neighbors and  local shop owners.

So…now that we’ve finally managed to settle in just enough to share a post it’s time to hit the ground running straight into the Holiday Season.  We hope you’re able to join us for the Holidays, as you can imagine we’ve planned a handful of extravagant designs to have fresh in store.  We’ve certainly got our work cut out for us!  By this time next week this entire flower shop is going to be turned into a nordic alpine village…



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